New Years Resolution

Can you believe 2017 is right around the corner? I am sure, when I was younger I rolled my eyes when I would hear adults talk about how fast the years go by, but as I get older I’m like, Damn they were right! Just a few short years ago, I remember turning 21.

A new year means that many of us are working on a New Years Resolution, or few. Some of these resolutions may include deciding to live a healthier life style, exercising, spending more time with family or starting a weight loss program.

I have missed you this month. You may have noticed the reduction in my posts.

I had my sister-in-law and niece visiting for Christmas and so I know you understand when much of my time is being spent entertaining them.

Meanwhile, I wanted to leave you with a few tips on getting prepared for the new weight loss program we are starting here Jan 2.   We have a couple of days before the program starts…is food free for all right now? Not really. I have said it before to-my diet starts (fill in the day) and until then I’m going to pig out.

Not a good idea and I will explain why.

What I have realized in the past few years is that healthy is a mindset, and change happens gradually. Change is not a switch to turn on and off as needed. No matter what the change is, we must change our frame of mind in order to obtain the goal. Weight loss and healthy life style won’t be the exception.

Weight Loss Tip #1: You won’t get healthy and fit in one week if you have been eating like crap the last 20 years.

Weight Loss Tip #2: You won’t get healthy and fit in one week if you are indulging in the “forbidden” foods and the other half eating carrots and celery.

Brownies vs. carrots.

So what’s a mindset change to being healthy really mean?

For me, it was like climbing a steep mountain. With each step up I moved to a healthy lifestyle. With each step, I would leave a habit or unhealthy craving behind, and adopting a healthier choice.

Climbing a Hill/ Step

Our steps may be a little different and you may linger on a particular step longer than others as you adjust to your new lifestyle habits. And guess what, that’s ok. Take your time, move at your pace- be reasonable about it though. If you move too quickly, you could very well fall backwards to the bottom of the hill, so to speak.

Start Today Making a Few Small Changes for Your Healthy Lifestyle

If it’s been a while since you have exercised, begin walking or some type of cardio work. Taking some time now to build up to it could make it a little easier for you when starting a new weight loss program.

Water should be the beverage of choice. Have you ever counted how many empty calories you consume when you drink anything except water? If you don’t like drinking water, try some of the naturally sweetened or no sugar added flavor packets to you water. There are many great varieties available and they can really help you transition from sodas or your beverage of choice to water.

Make sure to get enough sleep, if you don’t already. Sleep is very important to weight loss and being healthy. Start getting rest now and your body will be that much more prepared for the new routine in a few days.

Here’s a small but very important TIP…Don’t starve yourself. Contrary to popular belief, weight loss is NOT about starving.

Want a recap?

Okay, here are some things you can do to prepare for a new healthier lifestyle:

Drink Water

Begin a light cardio exercise such as walking

Get enough sleep

And don’t starve yourself.

I am so excited to start living a healthier life style. I’m a little shy, but I promise to share some photos of my progress through out my journey.

Have a Happy New Year!




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