Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (update)

Picture on left was taken December 2016/   Picture on right was taken January 16th, 2017

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (Update)

Before the 2017 New Year, my diet consisted of dessert every night, drinking 1-3 sugary drinks like juice or soda, and fast food 1-2 nights a week. Besides that, I figured I ate pretty healthy. I also thought that since I went to the gym regularly I deserved to cheat every now and then. What I didn’t realize was that those “cheat meals” added excess sugar and processed foods that my body didn’t need.

Because of my cheat meals, even though I worked out regularly I remained the same size and same shape. When I desired to loose weight I would replace a few meals with slim fast for a week or two and after would gain it all back.

Now in my mid 30’s I want to be in the best shape of my life and feel great in the process, so in 2017 I introduced the unofficial Healthy Lifestyle challenge. After reading about all the harmful effects of sugar and processed foods on the body, I wanted to feel better, have more energy, and finally get in the best shape of my life. After my father was diagnosed with diabetes last year and, a cousin of mine who is younger than I was diagnosed pre diabetic I knew I had to make changes to my diet. In addition, my daughter, husband and I all started to become overweight. These were motivating factors for me to want to live healthier.

Picture taken January 16, 2017

It has now been 2 weeks since beginning the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.

Within 2-3 days after, I noticed that I had increased alertness and energy. Even though I don’t weigh myself, I know I have lost a few pounds from how my clothes fit looser around the waist. Some days have been hard. After a few days, I started to crave sweets. When I do, I just grab an apple or whip up a protein shake. I’ve eliminated all of the unhealthy snacks out of the house, so my daughter complains of not having anything to snack on. Even though she could easily grab an apple or some carrot sticks. It has been difficult at times waking up early in the morning to work out.  Twice I have woken up too early, like 2:30 or 3am and had difficulty falling back to sleep before 5am, but I dragged myself out of bed at 5am anyway. I remind myself how good I’ll feel once I get up and to the gym.

Here are a few more things I have done to help me stick with my decision to stay healthy.

  1.  I’ve cut back on sugar and processed food.

I loved Five Guys, Wendy’s and Taco Bell, but I had to drop them like the bad habits that they are and eliminate them from my diet. In addition, I started reading the labels on the foods that I ate. There were foods that I was eating which I thought were healthy, like my beloved Cherry Vanilla Yogurt that I ate every morning.  MY favorite yogurt that I ate, thinking I was all healthy and stuff, has a whopping 29 grams of sugar in it!

Quick math lesson: There is 14.3 grams in a Tablespoon. What I was eating for breakfast was the equivalent to 2 Tablespoons of sugar!!   I was consuming that in addition to three teaspoons of sugar in my coffee each morning!  Yikes!  That’s not including the surgery drinks and dessert I was eating every day!  Even the Motts Applesauce that my daughter use to eat had 22grams of sugar in it!

Lately, I prepare most if not all of my meals at home including lunch which has been left overs from the dinner that I cooked the night before.

  1. I’ve added more protein to my diet. All my meals consist of a lean protein fish, chicken breast, and steak. I also drink a protein shake after workouts.
  2. I strength train 2 times a week and do cardio for 30 minutes or more 5 times a week.

The next Healthy Lifestyle Challenge update will be in about a month.  Let me know what you want to hear in my next update.  I would love to hear about  your workout goals or things you’ve done to bring in the New Year in a healthier way.

Also, Please LIKE this post, when you do it gives me the motivation to keep posting my progress.

Until next time my Sweet!




2 thoughts on “Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (update)

  1. Thank you for sharing! I too, have decided to take better care of my body. I have always been active, but after moving to southern California, I have put on a few extra pounds. Reading your blog is refreshing because I feel like I am not the only one who is faced with these “mommy challenges”. Can you please post meals suggestions? It’s always nice to have options for healthy diet, and meal prep!
    I look forward to seeing you succeed on your journey!


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