I know its been long-blog update

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted, and this update is definitely over due. This is a quick post to let you know that everything is going well and I am back to keeping you informed.  I have some new things brewing that I’m very excited to share with you! Yes, it’s been a wait, but some times its good to hit the pause button on certain things before they go in a direction you weren’t certain you wanted to go.  In all honesty, I really had to take a break from social media, re-evaluate, get them priorities together and focus on what’s truly important.

As some of you may know,  Last year I published my book, A Prostitute’s Guide to Success. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since.  The story’s about an African American woman who grows up in the Silicone Valley and is constantly looking for self identity anywhere she could find it.  It’s a story based on my life and journey to self discovery and identity.  You can read the excerpt HERE if you are interested.  I am working on more material as we speak and will be updating you on my blog.

Currently there is so much exciting things playing out right now with the best yet to come. So I will admit, I feel like A Prostitute’s Guide to Success is currently an incomplete story. If you are reading this and do not own a copy of the book.  Email me at freestuff@tanishabillops.com, include your name and mailing address and I will mail the first 💯 people who reach out a free copy. There is also a link below if you are interested in purchasing a copy from Amazon.

If you ever want to dig real deep into self contemplation the second best thing to counseling is writing an autobiography. Two key words! Self Reflection! Releasing old baggage! Oh shit wait that’s more than two key words. Anywho, that doesn’t matter! The point is, writing helped transform my outlook on life in a positive way.  I also understand that writing my not be for everyone, but self reflection should.  For those who wouldn’t mind giving up your weekends and nights sleep for two years can write a autobiography too…jk..but really writing about your life doesn’t have to be a work of art that you publish for everyone to read. It can be just a 10 page story that begins with your childhood through your present life present and what you learned along the way.

Can’t wait to share more with you. Until then…catch up with me on INSTAGRAM @tanishabillops
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blog. I will update everything first here.
A Prostitute’s Guide to Success


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