Are You keeping Up With A Healthly Lifestyle? Featuring Topics in relation to Mind, Body and Soul, by Tanisha Nicole Billops

OK, so a few months back I posted an article titled, New Years Resolution.     I know that article can seem like it was posted a whole life time ago, but the point of it was to be on a better path to success in 2017.  So, did you keep up with your 2017 resolutions?

One of my resolutions was to eat healthier and workout more regularly.  Diabetes and high blood pressure run in my family and I want to make sure I stay healthy in these years to come. These days, I can really feel the difference in my energy level when I eat a crappy diet verses a healthy one.   If I don’t work out regularly I start to feel tired and sluggish.  So the struggle is real! This is why I made the choice to start of the year on a healthy journey.  This is why I began the Healthy Life Style Challenge!

As summer approached I was motivated.  I was eating heathy and working out 5 days a week.  From January to June I lost 20 lbs.   As time went on though My momentum started to decrease.  I started eating not so healthy. I was experiencing those normal bumps in the road. To me food is one of the most delicious 😋 part of living. When stress gets the best of me, I can’t help but to look towards that instant gratification of rich carbs. I absolutely ❤️ soft chocolate chip cookies, or Milk chocolate 🍫 butter chews from See’s Candy. As “they” say only in moderation. I too believe that it’s ok to live life and enjoy, not-so-healthy-foods every now and then.

One thing that I’ve kept up with this year has been my exercise regimen. I started more weight lifting a few months ago and I have really noticed the decrease in my waste size.  At the gym, I’m usually one of three women on the free weights. I’ll share my regimen with you, so hopefully more women can feel confident about weight lifting. Not trying to get ripped💪 or anything. Haven’t any end goal in mind. Just wish to make physical activity a part of everyday living.

Tanisha Billops

Before and After Pictures

I would ❤️ to hear your thoughts about exercise, and how keeping up with positive routines been for you. Please leave a comment below! 😘

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Tanisha Billops
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