Motivated By Challenges

Motivated By Challenges

A part of success is setting the tone on how you want to live your life, knowing the direction you are heading, gaining knowledge and then putting everything together to make it happen for yourself. That’s Success!

-Tanisha Billops

I know I probably sound weird as f*ck, but from time to time I ponder the meaning of life. Yes, I can be one of those deep intellectual types when I want to. I’m pretty sure many of you too, have pondered the meaning of life, but today I’ll be the weird awkward one for admitting it.

I mean when you look at the world, and people’s individual life’s; some people find success relatively easy, or early in life while others have to work a whole life time to find it or never really find success at all. Then you have those folks like me, who have gone through some life challenges, learned and became motivated by the challenges. After going through the rough patches, we figure out that ya, we may have not been born to a wealthy family, but we are going to find success for ourselves before we die or get too old to enjoy the success.

At one point, I was successful in other people’s eyes, but I was not very happy or content. I was working all the time and didn’t have much time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Even though I worked tirelessly starting business after business, working full time, earning degrees, being a mom and wife I didn’t feel very successful or happy. I was actuaIly working so hard that I was always tired and miserable. Retail became my new therapy. Retail therapy only helped temporarily until I became in debt. I started having trouble sleeping at night because of stress. My mind was always going, trying to come up with new ideas to get me out of this rut while time started passing me by. Those years of work, work, work and robbing Peter to pay Paul gave me the motivation to find TRUE happiness.

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