Tanisha Billops

A dream is merely a dream if it is never acted upon. -Tanisha Billops

What is it that you desire out of life? Do you want to purchase your dream home?
Get into a great relationship? Find a career that pays well?
Maybe you just desire to be happy, content, and find your purpose in life?

Someone very wise once told me that no connection that you make with others is by chance. That means there is a reason why we crossed paths, or stumbled across my blog. I will start by sharing with you a little about myself…

My name is Tanisha Billops. I’m an author who is currently working on publishing my second book.  Finding my true purpose, passions and being happy is something that I strive for daily. If you’re like me, at times you’ve experienced road blocks, felt stuck, or been impatient and wondered why things weren’t happening quick enough or not at all. These are human emotions and we have all felt like this at some time or another. Some of us are just more willing to admit it.

Some people are able to find their way to their desired life on their own, while others may need a little assistance to get there. It doesn’t matter which path you take as long as you feel you are moving in a positive direction in life. When you are not moving in the direction you are meant to go, you feel lost, sad, mad, stuck or even depressed.

The reason why some people thrive and others don’t, is for one reason. Some of us get stuck in habitual patterns of thought that keep us from accomplishing our goals. When this is happening, it may feel as if we are powerless, or as if others are doing it to us. When in reality we are doing it to ourselves. It took me awhile to grasp this concept. I felt stuck for a long time and it was so frustrating hearing that I was creating my own drama story.

Once I learned and started using the processes that I demonstrate on my blog, my life started to change in miraculous ways. Now, I work with others to change their approach to life, so that they can find the success they desire. Once you are open to the idea that your thoughts and emotions create the context of your life, you are now open to having the things that you desire come forth!

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Be Thankful, Live passionately, Explore what life has to offer, and travel when ever you can.
-This is my current mantra

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More about me…

I currently reside in the California Bay Area. I studied Human Development, in college and have a credential to teach elementary education. After college, I pursued print modeling and acted in small parts for motion pictures and music videos.  I then found work in an upscale fast past environment as a Real Estate Agent in Silicon Valley’s dynamic real estate market.  My career in real estate taught me a lot about people and what motivates them.  During that time I assured my clients transparency and great customer service.  A few years later with encouragement from friends, family and colleagues in 2007 I started my own real estate brokerage firm which provided notary and real estate services, and credit repair.

I like to think of myself as being a dedicated, focused, goal orientated and driven person with an entrepreneurial spirit.  In 2009 the real estate market pretty much bottomed out, which made me question my career choice, and refocus my desire to make a difference in people’s lives.  At that time I decided to become an educator.  During my time as an educator, I proceeded to start several other businesses in addition to teaching.

Although, I was very busy I still wasn’t working on my main passion which is to touch more lives and inspire others in a meaningful way.  So in 2016 I published my first book titled; “A Prostitute’s Guide to Success; My Life Struggles and Successes.”

I’m now working on my second book and looksforward to continue building my blog and career as a published author. In my free time, I enjoy traving, exercising and spending time with friends and family.

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