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I Use to Compare Myself to Others

Last week, I posted a blog about being motivate by challenges and talked about....finding motivation during the rough patches of life and coming up with your own idea of what success is.   This week, I'm going to touch on compairing ourselves to others.  We all have a vision of what success looks like to us. … Continue reading I Use to Compare Myself to Others


Motivated By Challenges

Motivated By Challenges A part of success is setting the tone on how you want to live your life, knowing the direction you are heading, gaining knowledge and then putting everything together to make it happen for yourself. That’s Success! -Tanisha Billops I know I probably sound weird as f*ck, but from time to time … Continue reading Motivated By Challenges

Yellow Dress- Photo Gallery

I love photography especially self portraits.  Photos capture moments in time that you will never get back. These are just candid unedited photos that were taken after arriving to my hotel from the airport.  I was a bit tired, but my day went well.   I hope 🤞 you enjoy the pictures. Can't wait to share … Continue reading Yellow Dress- Photo Gallery

True friends are hard to come by

  True friends are definitely hard to come by.   Porscha and I have been friends for more than 25 years.  Damn...did I just age myself. 🤷‍♀️ Any who, she is one of few close friends that I grew up with and still a regular part of my life. Although we live hours away from one another … Continue reading True friends are hard to come by

Are You keeping Up With A Healthly Lifestyle? Featuring Topics in relation to Mind, Body and Soul, by Tanisha Nicole Billops OK, so a few months back I posted an article titled, New Years Resolution.     I know that article can seem like it was posted a whole life time ago, but the point of it was to be on a better path to … Continue reading Are You keeping Up With A Healthly Lifestyle?

I know its been long-blog update

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted, and this update is definitely over due. This is a quick post to let you know that everything is going well and I am back to keeping you informed.  I have some new things brewing that I’m very excited to share with you! Yes, it’s been … Continue reading I know its been long-blog update

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (update)

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (Update) Before the 2017 New Year, my diet consisted of dessert every night, drinking 1-3 sugary drinks like juice or soda, and fast food 1-2 nights a week. Besides that, I figured I ate pretty healthy. I also thought that since I went to the gym regularly I deserved to cheat every … Continue reading Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (update)

New Years Resolution

Can you believe 2017 is right around the corner? I am sure, when I was younger I rolled my eyes when I would hear adults talk about how fast the years go by, but as I get older I’m like, Damn they were right! Just a few short years ago, I remember turning 21. A … Continue reading New Years Resolution